Flint Technology is a combustion technology 

that uses the animal/plant oil as fuel. 

Although the animal/plant oil is environmental-friendly and able to be produced continuously.

 Plant oil has a high flash point and viscosity, making itself difficult to ignite.

So far, we had to convert them to expensive bio-diesel through chemical processes. 

Flint technology can directly burn them without chemical processes.



It is a special combustion technology for bio-fuels that uses Flint's unique technology. With using high-temperature re-circulation structure, it can burn animal/plant oil easily.

      · Possible to burn High viscosity fuel 

        (higher than Compression ignition type or wick type)

      · High thermal efficiency using internal heat re-circulation

      · Converts plant oil to thermal energy cleanly regardless 

         of oil quality

      ·  Easy to operate with simple structure and low risk of fire 

         even in unsafe environment

      · Suitable for small cookware or heater


Flint combustor uses high viscosity fuel from animal/plant without refining process. 

We make clean, natural, and cyclical energy using bio-fuel from nature.


Flint combustor use high efficiency combustion technology so it has less black carbon emission, 

and make carbon-neutral possible with using bio-fuel.

Existing black carbon and carbon emissions

- More than 4 million people die every year from indoor air pollution. This is more than death from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

18% of cause of climate change is black carbon from burning biomass.

- Some areas suffer for serious smog during the winter due to the smog from burning coal.

- In many areas, people cut trees for fuel, and the earth is becoming desertification.

Flint's carbon neutral effect

- Flint products hardly emit black carbon, 

keeping the atmosphere clean.

- a quality of indoor air is improved, and the air pollution in cities is alleviated so we can get better health environment.

using circulating animal/plant oil brings in carbon neutrality by reducing atmospheric carbon in the long term.

- Grow crops and keep greenery to get fuel. 

so we can protect forests.



Flint combustion technology can be used in all areas that require clean and low cost energy.

- It can be applied to small cookware and heater by using small and medium type combustor

- Cook stoves or small and medium size of heating products

- Clean cook stoves, outdoor stoves, small heaters, patio heaters, industrial

auxiliary heaters, etc.

- Applied as industrial burner over medium size by applying combustion technology producing high temperature

- Industrial burners and heating products of medium or more size

- Used as a heating boiler according to the size of combustor

- Home and industrial heating boilers


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