Flint Cook Stoves change the environment and life. 

The clean cook stove business improves environment and changes the lives of many people. 

The Flint Cookstove, from Flint lab, leads to this change.


New Ver. 3.0

Technical Characteristics

· Possible to burn High viscosity fuel 

· Converts plant oil to thermal energy          

  regardless of oil quality 

· Easy to operate with simple structure 

· Low risk of fire even in the unsafe 


· Suitable for medium/large size of 


· Able to separate and clean the grate, body 

  and fuel tank

Product Specification

· Size : (W)30 X (L)30 X (H)35.5cm, 

            4.5kg(Net weight)

· Locations : Peri-Urban / Outdoors 

· Fuel type : Waste cooking oil /Plant oil 

· Time to Boil : 4 mins / 1ℓ (water) 

· Usable Time for Cooking : Max 3h / 1L (fuel) 

· Heating Value : 3.87kWh

· Needed Wattage : 5.1W/h 

· Estimated Lifespan : ~7 year

Many areas still use charcoal, wood, biomass, etc. as fuel for cooking with conventional stoves. 

Why should we change this?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 4 million women and children die every year from respiratory illnesses caused by indoor smoke. This is one of the causes of death in children under 5 -year-old.

Many forests are becoming desertification. 18 % of climate change is caused from this kinds of problem. 

Many women walk more than 10 miles to get biomass and spend more than 30 hours in a week. They also carry more than 40 pounds of biomass to their home. They spend more than 30% of their annual income for cooking fuel.

Efficient and environmental-friendly stoves affect millions of lives and environments around us.

The flint cook stove uses plant oil as a fuel, so it prevents deforestation from logging.  It can reduce the amount of soot and smoke during cooking and improve indoor air pollution.

Also, it is highly usable, and anyone can use it easily, 

while there is less risk of fire.

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