Innovative Technology for Environment and Energy

Existing energy paradigm causes world’s environmental and energy problems.

It gave rise to air pollution, deforestation, climate change, and energy imbalance so far.

Flint Lab thought we need a new energy technology to solve this problem.

That must be sustainable as well as environment-friendly, and they must be economic so that people of every class and condition would be able to use.

It must be available regardless of regions and must be compatible with all industries.

More especially, the fuel should be circulated in nature and not just used once and threw away.

Clean heating with environmentally friendly fuel 

Flint technology is a combustion technology that burns the natural oil fuel without chemical refinement. The fuels are including but not limited to waste cook oil, animal fat/oil, plant oil, microalgae oil, coffee oil, insect oil, and the all type of oil. Starting with a small, simple technology, we can change the current problems in our environment and the energy sector. Resources are no longer used once and discarded.

Cleaner, more economical energy is available without exhaustion 

Flint Technologies enable users to use leftover oils from animals or plants as a primary fuel. These fuels can be produced at a low cost without additional processing.

Flint combustion engine generates thermal energy and tt shows high thermal efficiency. We applied this tech into clean heating and cooking which can be used at domestic or industrial purposes.

The clean, new affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to everyone is now possible with Flint Lab.

We protect forests and reduce air pollution by reusing organic waste.

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