Start of the Flint lab

Flint technology began in 2006 with the development of Aristo Stove in the Dominican Republic to supply energy to the slums and prevent deforestation. In the slum, it’s impossible to cook without firewood, and many forests have been damaged because of it. 

Dr. Yoon Sung-wan designed a product that could use a third fuel instead of fossil fuel and firewood as a way to solve this problem.

A new energy source

After testing various alternative fuels, we found that the oils from plants and animals are the most suitable for users with the reasons of safety, environment-friendly, sustainability. 

We believed that if we had the technology to use the plant oil as fuel, we could solve the economic and environmental problems caused by energy.

Flint combustion technology

Since then, we have researched and developed the technology to use the plant oil as fuel, and tested in various environments. We have also improved the product and researched a production technology of the plant oil. As a result, flint burners have been developed and this can burn the plant oil in the cleanest, safest and most convenient way in the world today.

Clean energy

Flint combustor can be utilized into diverse products. First, we developed the Flint Cook stove, which is available in energy deficiency areas. Flint Cook Stove is the product of Dr. Yoon Sung-wan's commitment and Flint lab’s mission to make everyone use clean energy. Secondly, we are developing a flint bio heater with clean heating. Flint Bio-Heaters replace coal and biomass with smoke-free and high thermal efficiency. We don't need to worry about polluted air from coal and other fuels anymore. 


The technology using this energy is on an early stage at the moment. And there are many things to challenge, improve yet. Flint lab is going to develop better technologies, also try to make a world with using cleaner, safer energy. 

Development History


Start study on bio-fuel combustion


developed a combustor using plant oil


2 hole-type stove prototype model using plant oil


Plant oil stove ver 2.0


Round shape plant oil stove 


Flint camping stove prototype model


Flint Cook Stove Round type development & test


Flint Cook Stove Jar type development for larger families

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