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Flint Lab is receiving SEPERATED applications for 'Sample Inquiry(A single product purchase)' and 'Global Distributor Inquiry(A large purchase/Quantity purchase)'. 

If you wish to purchase flint cook stoves in large quantities, or if you would like to cooperate with us, please fill out your information and requirements entry on the right side and press 'Send'. We will respond to it as soon as possible.

Being a Global Distributor

Flint Lab is developing clean energy from bio-fuels and technologies that are readily available to many people. Also, we are looking for the ways to collaborate with operators around the world for those who are in need can make an approach and utilize cleaner energy. 

Why don't you work together with us to spread cleaner energy for the earth? If yes, we will prepare a process for the Quantity / Bulk purchasing for your company. Please exactly specify your requirements on the right side.

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