Flint Bio-heaters save lives and the environment.

Use clean plant oil instead of coal and biomass. 

Flint Bio-Heaters are a new alternative to heating that can save the environment and life.


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In many areas of the winter, heating is done with coal or biomass. 

Why is heating a problem? 

In winter, the biggest reason for serious air pollution in Hebei Province of China is from the coal stove in the rural houses, not the industrial pollutant. In Mongolia, many children are lined up in hospitals because of the burn and pollutants due to heating and have lung disease in winter. In India, more people die from air pollution than China.

The problem is heater and fuel.

If the combustion process is incomplete, the tar will be emitted as a smoke. As the temperature of the gas decreases, the tar in it condenses into liquid, and this kind of tar is just what we see. Most of the heating products that burn coal or biomass have incomplete combustion.

Flint lab's new combustion engine is used to burn contaminants in the exhaust gas

 with high temperature and clean combustion. It is possible to reduce the amount of soot generated by incomplete combustion significantly and to reduce the heating cost with high thermal efficiency.

Use clean vegetable oil instead of coal and biomass. Flint Bio-Heaters are a new alternative that can save the environment and life. 

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